Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's tough being a girl!

Since I have the big 100th birthday celebration to attend I figured I'd better be looking good for the one million photo's that will be taken. This is a 3 day event mind you, so I figured I'd splurge...I bought a couple new outfits for the occasion, I got acrylic nails and a French manicure done (a first for me on the acrylic), and then I got my eyebrows waxed (yet another first).

Shopping for the perfect outfit(s) was no easy task. I don't think I've had a tougher time dressing myself since my wedding 12 years ago. But I was finally able to find the perfect attire for the big occasion. I ordered a $35 shirt online & they ripped me off and charged me $15 to ship it with in 2 days. It arrived in a plastic envelope bag that was about 8x10. $15 for that! Whoa!

I got my nails done at one of those nail places where you can't understand a word the workers are saying. They do a great job and it's cheaper than going to a spa for them to do the same thing, but then you get to deal with the "get to know you" speal they do. I know they don't give a crap about how many kids I have, what I do for a living, or how long I've lived here. And quite frankly, I'm not comfortable in discussing my life story with a total stranger. Just do my nails, pay attention, and I'll pay you. That is exactly what the Chinese women at the nail salon do. I couldn't understand a thing they said, but my manicurist knew exactly what I wanted and I don't even speak Chinese!

While she was doing my nails she looked at me and smiled and then pointed to my face and said "we do eyebrows too".

I said "No, that's ok, just nails."

She frowned and said "Oh no, eyebrows very bad, we do eyebrows too, it be pretty."

So ok, how can I argue with that? I've never done much with my eyebrows except brush them or trim them so they don't look like a cavewoman. So I said "How much?"

She said loudly, "ten dollar!"

I said "Ok, we'll do eyebrows too." After she did my nails she sat me in the eyebrow waxing chair. I was suddenly nervous. Was I going to walk out of there with any eyebrows? I looked at the other women around me and theirs were painted on. But it was too late to back out now. I was in the chair. She wrapped a towel around my neck and put a head band to hold my bangs back. She dipped a stick in the wax and put it on my eyebrow. I jumped a bit. OUCH! Wax is HOT! I wasn't expecting that. So she said "Wax too hot?" I told her I was ok, which was a lie, because I was indeed ready to go running out of there.

Then she put the paper on there patted it down and RIP! OH MY LORD! OUCH!! I jumped a bit. She showed me the paper and there they were, my eyebrow hair. Ok, I still had some left. Then she put more wax on them. More paper and RIP! once again. YIKES, take it easy woman! This hurt more than the first strip. So of course I jumped higher. I could feel my eyebrow tingle and start to go numb.

Then she went to the other side and repeated the same steps. I jumped higher each time she ripped those little eyebrow hairs out. It hurt worse with each rip. And now both sides tingled and went numb. I could feel them start to swell. She grabbed a mirror, and said "Look, you pretty now!". Wait a minute...I'm pretty NOW? Wow, that pain and torture only cost me ten dollar!

When I was done I had great nails and great looking eyebrows. I'm pretty now! So I got out my check book to pay her. She said "No check, we like credit card" I told her, but I have a check, it's good. She said "no check, we like credit card". Ok, I'm not going to argue with a Chinese woman and her hot wax. So I gave her my credit card. She charged the correct amount, I gave her a tip. Then she said "Ok, you done, you can go now".

It was great. It took about 1 hour for the whole procedure. I paid half the money I would have than if I went to a higher profile salon. I didn't have to tell her my life story. Nor did she tell me hers. And when I left I was very pretty, which is the same outcome I would have gotten most anywhere.

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Mary said...

You do look very pretty! Your eyebrows are simply amazing! And your hair is fabulous! And that shirt - wowza! Plus, you lost 25 pounds too, you little runt you look fantastic!!!