Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tough Guys Wear Pink

As my husband would say "You'd better be a tough guy if you are going to wear pink!". I bought my youngest son a pink t-shirt with that saying on it last week. He was SO excited, he could hardly wait to wear it. I told him I had to wash it first and then he could wear it.

The next day he told everyone, and I do mean everyone, about his new pink t-shirt. He made sure to tell them all that his dad is afraid of the color pink as well. My husband thinks that any guy wearing pink is going to get beat up or something. He thinks it's such a bad thing.

When Sam got home from school after a day of telling everyone about his new pink t-shirt, he immediately asked me if I had washed and dried it yet. I informed him that indeed I had. He came home and made sure it was ready to go for the next day.

The next morning he squealed with excitement about wearing his pink t-shirt. He showed it off to everyone, and I do mean everyone. They all adored his pink t-shirt that says "TOUGH GUYS WEAR PINK" written in band-aids. (Truly fitting of the boy!)

I asked Sam at the end of the day how his pink shirt was received. He told me all about how everyone liked it. I asked him if any one teased him or punched him for wearing it. He looked at me and said "NO!", like "what are you talking about mom?" I figured no one would. I mean you'd have to be pretty evil to want to beat up Sam. Everyone loves him.

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Mary said...

I like his shirt!!! Poor neglected big brother doesn't have a pink shirt... what's up with that Mrs. Cavewoman?