Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears...Oh MY!

Today I took the kids to the MN Zoo for the grand opening of "Russia's Grizzly Coast" exhibit. It truly is an amazing exhibit. We spent 2 hours in it. It was really neat to have such an up close and personal experience with the three bears. We didn't see Goldilocks though. Guess they ate her.

I am glad we bought a zoo membership this year. I have decided to buy one every other year. It really is worth the money. Two visits and you've paid for it. The new exhibit sure does do a lot for our zoo. It puts the zoo into a whole new class. I would definitely have to say one of the top 5 zoo's in the country.

The kids and I had a really good time. The hubby stayed home. He got some yard work done, so we left him alone with that. No one wants to help him with that and I'm allergic to it all anyway.