Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cave Invasion

Last night there was a cave invasion. I baby-sat a friend's little 3 year old girl. She is so adorable. It was good to have another female in the house, even if it was short lived.

My boys acted like the end of the world was near. They shut themselves in their bedroom hiding from her. TAKE COVER, IT'S A LITTLE GIRL!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!

At bed time the boys were worried we were going to keep her. Sam asked "Are we going to keep her forever?" Kevin said "I hope not, I don't want a little sister!". Boys, geez...she's spending one night! LOL...You'd think an alien had just landed.

This morning she convinced Sam to play outside with her. They had a good time. Kevin still avoided her. After they were done playing, I painted her toe nails, painted her finger nails, and put her hair in pony tails. Her daddy came to pick her up, and I told him she could come over and play with us ( anytime!

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Mary said...

awwww.... poor boys being frightened of a scary girl like that!

If they need practice or want to know what having a sister is like, they could come over and they'd have two big sisters and two little ones. hahaha