Friday, June 13, 2008

I make a tasty meal...

For a sneaky spider that is. YUCK! Some creepy crawly spider decided to make my ankle as a snack. I woke up all itchy on my ankle. "Don't scratch your bug bites! They'll itch even more." That is what my mother always told me. Well...she was right! This pesky spider, took about 10 bites off of my ankle and calf. And itch, did they ever.

At first I thought maybe I'd picked up poison ivy or some other kind of itch weed, but it didn't spread. So I came to the conclusion that I was a spider snack.

Statics say that people eat an average of 8 spiders every year in our sleep. Well...all I can say is I hope I ate this one in my sleep. Because it certainly deserved to be eaten after trying to make a meal out of me.

The very thought of all this just really creeps me out. I'm not a big fan of spiders anyway. I know spiders are good because they eat mosquitoes and other little nasties like that. Charlotte the spider in Charlotte's Web is a very tender, all knowing, talented spider... awe she's so cute in the movie. But I don't think a spider gnawing on my leg is very cute, charming, or good.

I have killed many a spider in my life time. I usually go running and screaming away from them, but I have faced them alone and had to fend for myself. Spider death by fireplace iron, spider death by Aqua Net hair spray, spider death by big shoe, spider death by big wad of toilet paper, and spider death by broom stick. All are tried and true methods of killing spiders.

I hope the spider that chomped on me got his in the end. Because I certainly don't want it coming back for seconds.

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