Thursday, February 21, 2008

4th grade musical

Well, I survived the joy of the 4th grade music program tonight. It even included a special treat of 100 4th grade students playing harmoniously on the recorder. You know, those little plastic shrill mini clarinet things. And the wonderful acoustics that a cafeteria provides. But indeed, the youngsters are cute, it is very entertaining. The kid who held the note a bit too high. The kid who played the recorder when they weren't supposed to. The kid who was so nervous his voice cracked during his solo (the poor lad). And all the smiling faces of the proud children. They really are wonderful, but even more wonderful followed by a couple of Tylenol.


Screaming Out Loud said...

Awww How sweet!!! You gotta love those little darlings putting their hearts into their litle programs.

Enjoy them while you can!!!!!

Mary said...

I loved the elementary school music programs. There was this one kid who made them totally worthwhile! What a ham! He wasn't our kid, but we looked forward to his performance every year.