Monday, February 4, 2008

Welcome to My Blog

Hey all,
Welcome to my blog, my world of insanity, and my life as I know it living with Cavemen.
I am married to DH & we have 2 boys ages 10 & almost 9. loving adoring cavemen. Life is never dull. Always fun & always interesting. My kids teach me new things every day. They have done this their whole life.
We have 3 cats. Yes I'm one of those crazy cat ladies. If had any more boys, I think I'd have to jump off a cliff. Just kidding, but I'd definitely need LOTS of therapy. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my children, I grew up with all sisters, so boys are a whole new experience. OK, I had a little brother, but he had my parents to take care of him. I just helped warp his young mind.
My boys have taught me not to be afraid of snakes & lizards & other various creepy crawlies to the point where I would have one as a pet (although I still HATE spiders), to love fishing (I won't hook my bait or gut the fish though), to love Monster Jam, & enjoy crash em up car races. Not only enjoy trucks & car racing, but know all the trucks names & who the drivers are. Now they are trying to teach me about military airplanes and that is way over my head.
I pretty much have almost every Disney movie line memorized. (I'm H2O intolerant, I'm obnoxious!)
So living with cavemen is an experience all it's own. Which is why I chose the pink background to remind myself that I AM A GIRL!!

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