Friday, February 8, 2008

A mother's solitude

Solitude is something mothers are always trying to find. It's one of the great mysteries of life. "Where can I find solitude in my home?" My mother always found her solitude in the bathroom. Growing up we only had one bathroom for the whole family to share. So between a mom & a dad (who could often times be heard snoring while on the John) and 3 girls, it was a busy room. My mom would bring a novel with her and I never could figure out why. My sisters and I would just know. Mom's in the bathroom, don't bother her. So if you had to use the bathroom while mom was in there or if dad was snoring in there, you better run to a friends house or go in your pants.
With that said....We have 2 bathrooms in our house. It never fails that when I walk into the bathroom I am suddenly followed by all 3 cats. Why is it that all 3 cats insist on being in the bathroom with ME? They don't do that to the kids or the husband. If they miss their window of opportunity to get in there before I shut the door, then they paw at the door until I let them in. If I ignore them, they bang on the door and reach their cute little paws as far as they can under the door. This is proceeded by one of the caveman children to shout "MOM, MOM, MOM, I need you!"
I shout "I'm busy, it'll have to wait."
They shout back "I'm Hungry!"
Which is funny because I just gave them a snack & asked if they needed anything before I went and locked myself into the bathroom with the cats.
Then I'll hear pounding on the door.
"Mom, open the door, the cat wants in."
Um...they can just wait.
"Mom, I gotta go potty."
"Go downstairs, I'm using this one for a while"
"I don't wanna go downstairs, there's no one down there."
"Well, you're gonna have to hold it then"
"Can't you go downstairs?" I think of that.

So the next time I use the downstairs bathroom as to not disrupt the fates of the caveman's underpants.
"MOM! MOM! Where are you? MOM!! MOMM! WE NEED YOU!!"
This goes on. Then cats pounding on the door.
Finally one of the cavemen children comes downstairs.
"Mom, are you in there?"
"Oh, we couldn't find you. I need a drink of water. Open the door, the cats want in."
"You'll all have to wait, and you're old enough to get the water for yourself."
Sure enough when I exit the downstairs bathroom, 3 cats run in and the caveman child still needs a drink of water.
So, back to the mystery of life...."Where do I find solitude in my house?" No room is sacred. They always find me.

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