Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Powerball Lottery

Today I bought $4 worth of lottery tickets. Yes, it would be nice to win millions & millions of dollars. Aw, to live the dream. But before I bought my tickets, I scanned the other 20 past tickets that have I accumulated in the past few months. Of course, not one single winner. Not even one measley dollar. Oh, well, I will spend the $4 to try my chances of odds again. Yet, I think the odds of me winning the Powerball are less than getting struck by lightening or going down in a plane crash.

So I hope who ever wins or has won in the past, is enjoying that Yacht, dream home, and all the other luxuries I have helped pay for by being sucked into the dream of winning the big prize.

One day when I was really bored (and I mean really bored), which doesn't happen too often, I sat down & looked on line and tried to figure out the math to figure a way to be destined to pick the winning numbers. Much to my prevail, I have lost the tiny piece of paper that I wrote my lucky numbers on. Way to go! I think I figured outno matter formula I try to use, it is still just a game of odds and pure luck.

On New Years Day I decided that I would stash away in a secret "mom only fund" (shhh...don't tell any of the Cavemen!) any left over money in my wallet. Each week I put a certain amount of cash in my wallet for miscellaneous purchases (such as the Powerball). Well, I have saved up a small fortune, and I do mean small. But by doing this I can save my money instead of buying Powerball tickets, and cash in on my own little lottery any time I want. And since this is a secret mom fund only, then it is for things that I want, selfish things. Not of Caveman comprehension.

So the next time you or even I buy the Powerball tickets and hope to win the big prize, you have to ask yourself..."Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?"

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