Saturday, February 9, 2008

The TV Remote

The TV Remote I believe was the caveman's second invention after the wheel. I'm sure of it. My oldest son had the remote instinct at birth. When he was 3 months old he would not settle for the cute learning toy remotes that I bought him. No, he had to have the real deal. So I carried it with me every where I went with him an old remote with the batteries removed. It was one of his favorite toys. (until it melted in the broiler, but that is another story).
I have seen on commercials that they have a new universal remote that will do away with the other 5 remotes one has. I'm guessing this was a woman's idea. I think men enjoy handling 3 or 4 remotes for one television. It's like a challenge to them. Then the remote God smiles down upon them when they can turn on the TV, the VCR, the surround sound, and the DVD player in split seconds time.
We have 5 TV's in our house. All come with 2 or more remotes. It seems like I am the one always looking for the right remote. And I am always fighting to watch something between sports, the Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and a few various other channels.
Why is it that the mom can never find the remote. Right now I can not locate the remote to my bedroom TV. I have torn my bed room apart & it is no where to be found. I'm sure my children are the culprits of my missing remote. And why do I feel at a loss for it? It's not like I get the privilege of handling the remote that often. I do with 3 cavemen! So why is it so hard to actually go up to the TV and manually change the channel just like in the old days? No, I search and search frantically for a remote that I will never find while I am forced to watch gymnastics on my TV.
When I was a kid we had 1 TV and my dad was in control of it. We watched what he watched. And we even had to change the channel for him. There were no remotes. We only had 13 channels. In the summer time he would unplug the TV and tell us kids that our TV didn't work. Funny how it suddenly worked every evening in time for the National and Local news broadcasts. And on Sunday's NFL football, 60 Minutes, and Hee Haw. (Yes, I've just totally aged myself there.)
So yet another mystery of life....the power of the remote control....and how a lost one can totally ruin your day or evening. I am still wondering where the remote for my bedroom TV is. And how long my TV will be stuck on channel 11?

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Mary said...

Did you find your remote?