Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Did I Miss a National Holiday?

Apparently while I was going on with the rumblings of my day yesterday, I somehow did not celebrate (and completely missed) the National Holiday of Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day. Who Knew!! Did you?? Apparently, at high noon the citizens of the frozen Northern Hemisphere are supposed to go outside at noon and shout Hoodie-Hoo at the tops of their lungs & wave their arms around like we have just been awarded a grand prize in order to chase away the winter blahs and get ready for spring. This holiday was invented by (some obviously delirious) old people who had nothing better to do on February 20th but to run outside in their skivvies & shout Hoodie-Hoo at the tops of their lungs while waving their arms around like children.
Not that I'm trying to be a kill joy or anything, but I thought the lunar eclipse was more exciting. I don't know. Maybe I haven't given this National Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day a chance. It is a relatively new holiday. I'm wondering when it will make it's way on the calendar? I guess I'd be more in the mood to run around gleefully shouting "HOODIE-HOO HOO HURRAY!" if I was basking on a sunny hot beach with a hot cabana boy helping me spread tanning oil on my body all the while bringing me Corona's with lime. Rather than standing on a street corner in sub zero temperatures getting frost bitten while being mistaken for a escaped mental patient.

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Screaming Out Loud said...

HOODIE-HOO...HOODIE-HOO!!!! If it will get rid of this crazy winter, I'm all for it!!!!!