Wednesday, February 13, 2008

National Pancake Day

All week iHop has been marketing "Feb 12 is National Pancake Day, come in & get your free pancakes". Being unable to make the trip to iHop at 7 am, I took their word for it and made it National Pancake Day on our family calendar. My youngest son who is a fanatic about calendars and holidays (just as an example one year he thought they did away with Ground Hog's Day because it was not on the calendar at school) was loving this new holiday since Pancakes have been a major part of his life. He would eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch, & dinner if I let him. But you CAN NOT under any circumstance mess with the calendar as he knows it. If you announce a special holiday, he will remember it for years. So yesterday I was going to blog about the facts of this wonderful Holiday.....Well, guess what I learned? Feb 12 is NOT I repeat, it is NOT National Pancake Day. DAMN YOU iHop!!! How dare you mess with my son's calendar. Just for the record, and to the advertising & executive president of the iHop marketing team, National Pancake Week is Feb 21-27. And Shrove Tuesday (the Tuesday before Lent or as many American's celebrate as Mardi Gras and not as pancake day) was on Feb 5 this year. Although I did find a Food Holiday website that listed National Pancake Day as Sept. 26. Now here come my next questions. Why is there a whole entire week dedicated to pancakes? I guess pancake lovers of the world could eat the many variety of pancakes for a week. There are buttermilk, chocolate chip, blueberry, mini, jumbo, silver dollar, peanut butter & banana pancakes. Then why oh WHY would National Pancake Day not be during Pancake week, but instead 8 months later in Sept. I'm sure my son won't mind having 2 National Pancake Days in a year. As far as he is concerned I'm sure he'd be alright with it if every day was National Pancake Day.

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Mary said...

Poor Calendar Caveman. I'm sure he's got it all figured out now for the rest of time.

Thanks for making me hungry for pancakes. I think I want chocolate chip panny cakes!!! mmmmmm

that's my security word. that one was hard!